Who am I and why did I create this website?

My name is Lucas Hart.  I’m a mid-thirties techie that’s been struggling with Financial Domination and other addictive fetish behavior for most of my life.

Off the bat I should say I do not have any medical training in this area.  I am not a doctor and don’t mean to share any advice or ideas like I am.  I decided to make this site because I couldn’t find one like it already.

Specifically, I created this website for two reasons:

  1. It’s cathartic to write.  Instead of looking at Findom videos or someone’s wishlist, I’m here.  It gets it out for me.  I’ve had years of unhealthy relationships I’ve kept hidden in the shadows while trying to live a vanilla life.  All of them still exist in my mind like it’s trying to preserve them and when I write about it my mind lets me not hold onto them so tightly as though I’m giving myself permission to forget about them.
  2. I wanted to have a place guys (and gals) could come to when they didn’t know where else to go.  There are few online resources for helping overcome financial domination.  The blogs and youtube videos that are out there are great, but I wanted to make a place that ties all that together (plus gives guys a chance to tell their own story) so it’s more of a community.

I’m just getting started with the website so there’s not much content yet.  But, I’ll be working on this site each day so please keep checking back in.

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